Dinindu Thilakarathna

Computer Engineering Undergraduate

About me

This is me!

Hi, It's me!

I like building awesome Embeded system projects. I've built websites, Mobile applications, corporate software. If you are interested, you can view some of my favorite projects in my portfolio down below. I like to build and optimize algorithams

Need something built or simply want to have chat? Reach out to me on social media or send me an email.

curriculum vitae


  • Robotics and Automation
  • Algorithamic Problem solving
  • Embedded Systems
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development

Technical Skills

I've worked with a wide variety of programming languages. For web applications I use PHP and Javascript. Whenever I need the most performance possible, I obviously go with C++ and finally, when I am building prototypes or working on my hobby projects I fall back on Python







Fusion 360



Verilog HDL

Siemens PLC


Most frequently used tools

Frameworks and Engines

  • Django
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel
  • ThreeJS


  • Windows & Linux & Mac
  • Git
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


University of preadeniya

Bachelors of Science in Computer engineering
I studied Computer Architecture, Embeded systems, Systems Engineering, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

Graduating in: Late 2022


Obstacal Bots for Swarm robatic Platform

Hardwawre Web Backend/ Frontend Image Processing 3D Modeling PCB Designing
Obstacal bot system for the existing swarm project of university of peradeniya. This system mainly contains overhead camera setup to localize the obstacle bots. By using this system the users can place the obstacle bots in disired positions or the disired repititive paths. Then the system positions the bots in relavant places without coliding with other robots. For this we are using Partical Repultion Theory and model the Obstacal bots as charged particals in a Electric Field.
Codes : ClickHere
Period: 2020 - Present

Crpto Currency Ticker Site

Web development UI design Web Sockets
This is a Crypto currency ticker site with high refresh rate. The users can enter to the subscription service and get the full access to all the UIs and Dark modes. Any one can purchse and put this site in a display and use this to track the real time values of crypto currencies. This site contains of Mobile responsive UIs. This site is running on top of a Virtual Private Server and all the server setup done manually because of the custom protocols and the mqtt servers have to setup.
Website : tickerapps.com
Period: 2020 - Present

Vegetable Delivery System App

Mobile App development (Android/iOS) Firebase Cloud Functions
Vegetable Delivery System for a company and the online market place for the customers. Build with flutter and optimized for Android and iOS. Sellers can manage orders through a separate app and the buyers can manage their orders through a separate app.
Play Store : ClickHere
Period: November 2020

Disinfection Chamber

Embeded System Automated System Atmel atmega328P
Electrical and Automated system Disinfection chamber for Diyathalawa base hospital and Bandarawela hospital. When a user enters to the chamber the system automatically starts spraying alchohol to the user and then it automaticaly stops after the process. For this project I have to use contactors because we have to use water pumps for the system.
Code : ClickHere
Period : April 2020

Smart Water Tank Filling System

Embeded System Automated System Atme atmegal328P
Intelligent tank filling system, tanks located in three height levels. Controlling water pumping andsolenoid valves to direct water to tanks necessary
Period : April 2020

8bit Computer

Embeded System Gate Level Design PCB
Logic Gate Level Implementation of 8-bit Computer. With a PCB.
Code : ClickHere
Period : 2020

Guidance Assisting System for visually impaired persons

Embeded Systemß
Stick with sensors and chest mount camera to process images, notify the details about surrounding to the blind person through a vibration belt. And a user friendly app with voice control capabilities ( to find the stick if misplaced or notify relatives if the blind person needs help ).
Demo Video : ClickHere
Period : 2018